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  1. ==================================================================FishNation Faction========================================================================= #### Application Format ### IGN: [Current IGN | Previous IGN's] [Use NameMC] Rank: [Current Rank's, | Planets ranks are on] Experience: [How long have you played factions for | What are your skills | What makes you good at them | 1-10 How good are you at said skill] Previous Factions: [What was your old factions | Please include past seasons] Age: [What is your current age] TimeZone: [What is your timezone code | Example: EST , EU] Discord: [Discord Tag | Other discord account Tags] Activity: [How much time in hours per day can you add to the faction?] Rules: [Type yes or no to agree to the rules] Discord Link: https://discord.gg/qwdV7Gm ==============================================================Rules======================================================================================= Rule Revisions (edited) #### Inactivity Rules #### 1. If you are going to be away for more then 24 hours MSG a @Moderator or higher to be added to #onholiday list 2. If you are away for more then 24 hours and are not on #onholiday you will be kicked #### Base Work Rules #### 1. You have to do 20 Regens a week until regens are done 2. You must record all regens done in #regens channel and follow the posted format. 3. If you want extra points you can ask what else you can do, Will prob be assigned to Sand walls | Trenching 4. Base work will be assigned as needed biases and must be done as fast and efficiently as possible. 5. #color-codes-regens this is where we will assign your regens, Check this regularly as we will not tell you when you have base work but we will check every hour to see if you have completed your regens. (edited) #### General Rules #### 1. Do not Spam [People | Ping | Misc] 2. Mods + Are there to help you , Respect them as you would respect the Owner of the faction 3. Talk in proper channels [Example: Do not post memes in #general or have conversations in #regens] 4. Do not give the faction a bad rep [Being General Toxic to randoms | Scamming people out of money / items / Misc | Try to be a good person / Role model] 5. Always check the walls every 15 mins when the bot says to, Failure to check and mark the bot as checked will result in warning and eventually a kick. False marking the bot as checked will be noted and subjected to instant exile. (edited) #### Taxes / Donations #### (COMING SOON) 1. All CF's Will be recorded and taxed at a 5% rate for wins. 2. People who own boxes once they have 10 + igs will be taxed 100k Per week for F upgrades 3. Donations are only to be accepted by a Co-Leader Plus [You can also do /f money deposit] Al taxes / Donations go back into the faction for [Public Spawners, Base Building Costs, F-Upgrades, Events, Rewards] (edited) #### Box Rules #### 1. Boxes are shared [2/3 members] 2.Please don't take your friends items without permission 3. Do not build ig farms [Message a Co-Leader + and they will build ur ig farm layout for you.] 4. @DatDuck#4965 Is in charge of boxes, Message him to get access / Get a box 5. Boxes is what you get don't ask for more or less.
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